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You can access your individual storage lockup 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from 7am to 7pm (8pm during daylight saving) using a personal electronic access card to operate the automatic security gate. Our intelligent computerised gate system logs user entry and exit times for security purposes.


Entry to Acme Storage is restricted to storage customers and management only.


For security purposes you supply your own padlock to your lockup and keep all keys. You store, you lock and you keep the key to your individual storage lockup. This is a security measure as it means there are no third parties involved. What you store in your lock up is your business not anyone else’s.

Lockup Design

Our purpose built steel storage lockups are made from 2.5mm sheet steel. This means your goods are stored in the most secure environment possible.

Security Summary

- Entry restricted to storage customers and management only.
- Access 7am – 7pm, seven days a week.
- All night security lighting around the facility.

Checks And Patrols

We keep a very close eye on the storage facility from day to day and monitor security gate access.
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