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Price & Size

We welcome you to inspect our lockups to make sure they are right for you. We also offer suggestions to help make the best use of your lockup space.
Size W x L Volume Price Guide Only
Small 1.2m x 6m 16m³ $150/month 2 bdrm Flat
Large 2.4m x 6m 33m³ $220/month 3 bdrm House
Large + Small 3.6m x 6m 49m³ $285/month 4 bdrm House + Garage
Large + Large 4.8m x 6m 66m³ $340/month 3 bdrm House + Vehicle

Long Term Storage

We offer discount for advance payment of periods longer than 6 months. This means you pay for the long term period when storage commences.
5% discount for 6 months paid in advance. Large $1254. Small $855.
10% discount for 12 months paid in advance. Large $2376. Small $1620.

Refundable Bond

Payable at the start of the storage period and refunded upon exit if the lockup is left clean. General Storage Bond $50
Vehicle Storage Bond $100

Payment Options

We have many methods of payment depending on your circumstances. You can post us a cheque, pay at the office in cash, EFTPOS or Credit Card. Other options include automatic payment and Internet banking. For ultimate ease we recommend automatic payment, which we can arrange with you. Feel free to discuss your needs with us.
All prices include GST
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